Week 2 NSS Front End

Week 2

This week had to have been one of the more challenging things I’ve faced in a long time. I thought I had a better understanding of javaScript coming in but the exercises kicked my butt. It took me a good while to wrap my head around the concept of calling functions in the right order and how to get them to do what the problem asked of me. Mostly, I had to understand how javaScript thinks and not how I wanted to solve the problem. It might seem simple to those who have done coding for years but we all started somewhere and this week put me to the test.

We started the class week repeating the same basic website with a different group of people. My first group was highly organized and took to tasks quickly. This second group took a little longer to work together but we laid out a plan and got to work after a few disagreements. I would say we finished the bulk of the work within a few hours but the next day we started to get into feature creep with little time left to present. Most features were implemented but there were a few scrapped for time. Overall I thought it went well.

This project is what had me stressing.

After I had finished that exercise I moved on to a coin counter that came really easily. I felt like I got out of my own way and was grasping the major concept of functions.

Mid week we touched upon Bootstrap and SASS. It was a basic overview, we will get more into Bootstrap later. SaSS has some interesting uses and I may implement some of its automation but much of its functionality seems overly cumbersome and I could code quicker myself.

Late in the week I really wanted to play with animation elements within CSS and figured out some transform functioning. Its pretty simplistic and I found a few shortfall but I can see myself using a few of these properties for personal projects.


My goal for the weekend is to finish the first milestone challenges and exercises and possibly start on the next ones. I am optimistic about next week now that I’ve gotten over the first roadblock.

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