Week 1 – 1st full week of NSS completed

As the first full week of my time at the Nashville Software School wraps up I am taking time to review what I have learned.  I know the pace is fairly easy at the moment, I am trying to figure out as much as possible as quickly as I can. For the most part I feel like a have a pretty good knowledge of HTML and much of CSS. JavaScript is a fun challenge that I am just scratching the surface. I have had a few click moments where the instructor showed us an approach to a problem that really set in motion more forward thinking.

Everyone at the school has been really easy to talk to. It’s an environment of friendliness that I’m not used to coming from Florida. Our first group project was a team of four and we all clicked quickly and worked so well together straight away.  Each of us figured out quickly what our tasks would be, no one stepped on anyones toes. We communicated about all of our progresses and problems and whomever could help solve the problem did. Within a few hours we were well on our way to completing the basic concept. By the end of the day we were for the most part finished with the site leaving us time the following day for features. The next morning we reconvened with features we’d like to add and design ideas that we though would work well. In no time, we finished up the project with more than an hour to spare before the presentation. Our group’s project held up really well against the other groups and was one of the more technically challenging sites presented.

As for the challenges: GIT & GITHUB

What can I say, this has been the oddest foray into a software process that should be simple but isn’t. I think the whole class has issues and stumbling blocks with git. I think after messing it up so many times this week I have a better understanding of how to break it, overwrite things inadvertently and stupidly work on the master branch. Maybe next week I’ll learn some other way to do it wrong. HAHAHA I just hope that it gets a little easier before we move on in 3 months.

Until Next Week

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