School Interviewing

This past month I’ve been going to school open houses, developer meetups and doing general research.  Doing some due-diligence I’ve decided that I want to be part of the next cohort at Nashville Software School. I have my interview on Tuesday and hopefully they will accept me as a student and I’ll begin class in July. In the mean time, I have have been bouncing between, Code Academy, the A Smarter Way to Learn books and a few other online tutorials.

I generally spend half my day going through some sort of learning and studying. I generally like the hands on approach in learning how to code but some days are just theory and good practices. I balance out the rest of my time trying to get healthy, get outside, go hiking and fix issues around house. Most days my dog is my little helper (or distraction) and wants to get as close to me as possible while I work.

Semie my coding helper

Semie helping me work


Today I started in on Ruby to get a break from HTML, CSS and JS. It seems like a logical language, easy to learn and pretty straightforward syntax. I have three tutorials that will take me a few days to complete before I go camping. Like I said, I want balance between my digital life and the outside world. Code, then hike or camp, then back to coding again.

Tomorrow I’ll attend another Developer Meetup, hangout with some professions, students and others just getting started like me. I helps me put things into perspective on what I know, what I don’t know and what I need to learn to get better. There are a few more groups that I’d like to get involved with to broaden my networking circles a bit more. In time I’ll find more friends and like minded individuals to keep my interests going in the right direction.

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