Just Posted My Demo Reel

Just Posted My Demo Reel New and Old As the realization sets in that one chapter of my professional career is coming to an end, I have posted my latest demo reel. As an artist, I never believe that my work is done. I want to tweak and perfect but I have to get myself […]

Creativity in all forms

In The Kitchen with Austin Creative Cooking – Bacon Wrapped Chicken Not only do I create all day, I create in the kitchen too. My zen is more creativity when I get home, in the kitchen. Chicken stuffed with goat cheese and chorizo topped wrapped in bacon topped with provolone and crushed Sriracha cashews. Crafting something […]

Life In Transition

I have always been one for new adventures. After fourteen years of my life in Florida, 11 of which were in Tampa, I am down to the final two weeks before the big move. For the past month I have been doing my best to spend some quality time with friends, family and my godsons. I […]