Week 2 NSS Front End

Week 2 This week had to have been one of the more challenging things I’ve faced in a long time. I thought I had a better understanding of javaScript coming in but the exercises kicked my butt. It took me a good while to wrap my head around the concept of calling functions in the […]

School Interviewing

This past month I’ve been going to school open houses, developer meetups and doing general research.  Doing some due-diligence I’ve decided that I want to be part of the next cohort at Nashville Software School. I have my interview on Tuesday and hopefully they will accept me as a student and I’ll begin class in […]

Looking for Work

Job Search Nashville: Looking for Work Just over a week into living in Nashville and I’m on the search for a new career. So far I’ve been digging through Indeed and have applied to a number of places. I’m uncertain if I want to continue down a similar career path or want to try my hand at […]