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Today I started programming training. I have wanted to do this for a long time but now I finally have some focus and drive to start. is going to be my jumping off point with a 72 hour course. Lots of Java, HTML and PHP cramming into my brain. I will spend time practicing what I’ve learned before I start on iOS App Dev. I want a well rounded and well versed amount of knowledge so I can be both more marketable and start developing software on my own. I have started looking into the possibility of a coding bootcamp. First, I want a firm grasp of what I’m in for before I go that route. This new path has me¬†feeling excited and motivated to learn.

I have completed the first course and I’m about half way through course 2, Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals. So far, I have mostly gone over some basic do’s and don’ts of Java. It’s starting gel and I want to jump ahead and get my hands dirty. I plan to have the next two courses completed by Tuesday,¬†wish me luck.

Here is my course list for the next week an a half:

1. Becoming a Web Developer: Full Stack vs Front End
2. Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals
3. HTML Essential Training
4. CSS: Core Concepts
5. JavaScript Essential Training
6. Foundations of Programming: Databases
7. PHP with MySQL Essential Training
8. Foundations of Programming: Web Security
9. Ruby on Rails 5 Essential Training
10. Web Project Workflows with Gulp.js, Git, and Browserify
11. Node.js Essential Training
12. AngularJS 1: Building a Data-Driven App
13. Building a Website with Node.js and Express.js

If you have any suggestions on what more I should look into please leave me a comment. I will update my progress as I complete something I can showcase. Web Deb Programming

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